Clean out your supply closet today and change a life forever! Donate used technology products and/or old supplies that are no longer needed and help fund our efforts to provide care and loving homes for children in need.

For over 20 years Epiphany House has been providing both adoptive and temporary housing to children of all ages and backgrounds with some having mild to severe disabilities.

Helping is easy - Complete the form below and a representative will contact you to coordinate the collection of your equipment and answer and questions you may have. 

Epiphany House is a qualified 501.3C non-profit organization.     

About Epiphany House

Epiphany House provides both an adoptive and temporary home to children. Every child should have a loving and stable home. No child should ever be rejected or unloved.

In the United States foster care system, over 120,000 children are legally free for adoption and waiting for their forever homes. Epiphany House heeds God’s call to care for the orphaned. Promoting adoption is the cornerstone of Epiphany House.

Who's around Epiphany House

Kathie and Dexter Lanctot, co-founders of Epiphany House Inc. are adoptive parents to 7 children of whom several have medical, physical, and mental disabilities. The Epiphany House family includes Daniel Lanctot Grishkin, age 21; Soonthtvong, aka Sonty, Lanctot, age 20; Sokha, aka Suky, Lanctot, age 18; Ebony Aisha Lanctot, age 14; Salinna Mary Lanctot, age 15; Rosalina Therese Lanctot, aka Rosey, age 5, and Alexander Rivera Lanctot, aka Alex, age 4yrs. In addition, they are legal guardian to Nicky O’Keeffe, age 22. Family pets include dogs, Pit Bull, Nellie; and Chihuahua, Tinker Bell; cats, Oliver and Fradie; Two Turtles, and a Cockatiel, Sydney.

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